road trip

from by taylor tinsley

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Life’s a blur from the backseat
Life’s a blur from the backseat
Life’s a blur from the
Life’s a blur from the back seat
Life’s a blur from the back seat
Life’s a blur from the
Life’s a blur from the back seat
Take the wheel and you'll see how I feel
You’ve just got to

That's my mantra for the year
That's my motto for my life
Say it cause I'm so sincere
TV on the telephone
She shows me a private show
Slutty, spunky, or geeky
Whatever makes me not feel alone
Night ride to nowhere
Daydream to detox
She eavesdrops,
Screen lock
Like please stop
We're not official
Blowing O's in the backseat
Police trying catch me
My bro is over here spazzing
I'm too busy relaxing
Old girl was so local
New girl is so Lilo
Her heart is oh so tender and
We use the same conditioner and
She likes to call me mister
I don't get it but I'm with it
Cause she has a nice forehead
And her perfume has me smitten
Good riddance
Good god, good lordy Jesus and Buddha
Whoever made me this Goddess I'm giving the worship to you
And she takes me to heaven, that hoohah so hallelujah
Just a look from her got me stoned and hard, she my Medusa

Brb babe
Let me get them digits
Pull of red lipstick then baby girl you can get it
OMG wow
How are you not global?
How are you not on a magazine cover or on a show?
Like wow
Like really?
You're amazing
Like not only are you cute
But you're not rude
You know it too
And most the time you speak the truth
Like okey dokey
Let's be friends
Picture that inside my head
I'm sorry, I mean yours instead
Inside my head we could be wed
I mean
Not really, girl
Love is for losers
And sure I’d love love, but beggars can not be choosers
So I just keep on goin’
Shawty must be flirty on face book, you know she pokin'
Give me a twix, I need a moment
Man I wish I really knew you
Like really knew the you who
Comes out when no one’s around
Cause man she seems so cute
But if you can see the real me
Then this can be so true
But instead you just threw it back
So I guess that you're nothing new


from lost boy, released January 17, 2015



all rights reserved


taylor tinsley Atlanta, Georgia

lost boy.

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