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Life, Life, Life
24 hours to do me, give a fuck about you
I got 24 hours to do me, give a fuck about you
I got 24 more
I got 24 more
I got 24 more
I got 24 more
I got 24 more
I got 24 more
I got 24 more
I got 24 more

Young soul
Put your hands in the heir if you just don’t care

So like hold, like wait, like shit
Did I never make it clear?
Not the man of just this one, I’m the man of every year
Y’all come around when you need to get beat
Like your girl come around when she need to get beat
Like you only fuck around when you need to be deceased
Like you only hit me up on some real fuck shit boy
Y’all ain’t fucking with me like a faulty dildo
Claiming I ain’t real, if I ain’t real, tell me what’s real though
Niggas hit me up asking all scared like “What’s the deal though?”
You gone catch a shell quick like a fucking armadillo
Feeling all reckless and I ain’t gonna hold my tongue
Yeah I fuck with these niggas and these niggas fuck it up
Angry ass niggas, mistreated like a bitch
Now I don’t give a fuck, finna pop off shit like wild!

Fuck, I’m the nigga with the shit right now
Yeah I’m the kid, and I’m holding shit down
She fucks with the nigga every time she comes around
And when she fucks with the circle, yeah you know she cums around
Baby girl, you know you could get rounds
Hit a couple times, have you hitting rounds like a chorus
Yeah, I’m the nigga, yeah I’m riding with the boys
100k hits, nigga fucked though
When I drop these tracks, crack rap, pack dope
Trendy rap boy, lab rat ass flow
Always try to look at the glass half full but why’s my shit half though?
Can I get a full cup?
Hand over mouth, shut the full cup.
Hand over mouth, shut the full cup.
That’s means, like, shut the fuck up man, just shut the fuck up, shit
Man, that was lame
Riding with these dames
These chicks is dimes
They’re just pocket change


from lost boy, released January 17, 2015
produced by Rustie



all rights reserved


taylor tinsley Atlanta, Georgia

lost boy.

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